Permanent Eyebrow Procedure

Eyebrows are one of the first things you see on a person–likely because of the proximity to the eyes.  There are many factors to consider before deciding on permanent eyebrows.  For instance, if your eyebrows are very thin from over-plucking–and you haven’t given them a chance to grow back fully–you may be rushing into something that you don’t even need.

permanent eyebrows, permanent makeup

Plucking the same area of hair over a long period can cause it to stop growing back permanently.  But if you only mistakenly plucked too many hairs one time, chances are, it will grow right back!  If you aren’t sure if your brows have been over-plucked to the point of no return,  try letting them grow without tweezing them for a few months.

permanent makeup, permanent eyebrows

Don’t get too excited with those tweezers!

If, once they fill in, you still notice bald spots–or they just aren’t as thick as you would like–a permanent eyebrow procedure is the way to go.  However, do not shave your brows or pluck them before the procedure.  This will give the makeup artist more to work with.  We can tattoo around the hairs, so we don’t shave them for the procedure–although the surrounding area may be shaved.

permanent eyebrows, permanent makeup


With the permanent eyebrow procedure, the eyebrow shape isn’t just drawn onto the face flatly.  Instead, it involves creating the illusion of real hair.  This means creating many strokes of different lengths, and making sure that the hair strokes are applied in a natural direction relative to each part of the eyebrow.

permanent eyebrows, permanent makeup

Notice all of the hair strokes, and different directions they grow.

Near the bridge of the nose, eyebrow hair strokes proceed in an upward and right direction (or left on the left eyebrow).  A little further into the eyebrow, strokes curve to the right (left on the left brow).  On the arch, hair strokes are coming down and outward from the top of the brow.  And the strokes at the edges of the brows proceed down and outward as well.

permanent makeup, permanent eyebrows

Each person’s brow bone is different.  However, the eyebrows must always be placed on the along the brow bone.  Eyebrows express emotion by movement of the brow bone, so to avoid lifeless, fake-looking brows, I try to stick as close as possible to the natural brow line.

permanent makeup

Brows should never be placed on the forehead.

Not everyone desires the same look.  A softer arch can be created, or a more pronounced arch.  The eyebrows can also be lengthened or shortened to your preference.

permanent makeup, permanent eyebrows

Another aspect of the procedure will be the color choice.  If you have quite a bit of hair still in the brow area, your best choice would be your natural brow color.  This way, your natural hairs would blend right in to the strokes behind them.

Hair Colors change frequently, so it’s best to work from your natural hair color.  For those with blonde hair, you should go 2-3 shades darker than your hair color.

permanent makeup, permanent eyebrows

For brown or black hair, the guideline for brow color is 2-3 shades lighter than your hair color.  However, I feel black eyebrows are beautiful as well.  It’s just up to the client’s preference.

permanent eyebrows, permanent makeup

A nice taupe color brow for a brunette


Black brows can be beautiful and bold!

Redheads usually opt for somewhere in the brown range, although red brows do suit some!

permanent makeup

Sultry red eyebrows

The color can be drawn on before the procedure to ensure it is a good match.  Keep in mind that right after the procedure the color will appear to be 2 shades darker than it will actually turn out to be after 1-2 weeks.

You will experience some peeling in the area, but other than that, no one will even be able to tell you had the procedure.  And you won’t have to be afraid of your eyebrows disappearing the moment your face comes into contact with water!  How embarrassing!

Please feel free to respond with any comments or questions on this procedure.  Have a beautiful day!

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