Permanent Eyeliner Procedure

Whenever you are considering a tattoo, you want to make sure you and your artist see eye-to-eye!  This is why I feel it necessary to fully explain the way I like to do any procedure.
Permanent eyeliner usually makes people the most nervous because of the proximity to the eye, a very sensitive area.  Some pain will be experienced as the needle deposits color under the first layer of skin–the epidermis–but the needle would never touch the eyeball.
The machine I work with is different than most traditional tattoo machines, and resembles a pen.  This gives the artist greater control and provides for a more precise application. The needle does not stick out of the pen more than 1mm, about the thickness of a piece of paper (0.4mm).  The average eyelid is 1mm-2mm thick.
Although permanent eyeliner may seem like a scary thing to try, it is the most popular permanent makeup procedure of all.  It makes the biggest difference in a person’s look and improves any look.  However, eyeliner tends to smudge easily, leaving black traces behind.  The ideal would be to have perfect eyeliner to enhance your eyes without ever worrying about applying or re-applying!
permanent eyeliner, natural permanent makeup
While there are many ways to apply eyeliner, there are a few guidelines I believe should always be followed in order to make it as flattering as possible.
I follow two golden rules for perfect eyeliner.  First, the eyeliner must always go upwards at the outer edges of the eye.  This gives the eye a lifted look.  It does not have to go past the length of the eye.  In the picture below, notice how much more youthful the right side of the face looks!
permanent eyeliner, permanent makeup  Secondly, perfect eyeliner should always gradually get thinner toward the inner part of the eye.  This gives it a natural look.  Eyelashes get thinner and shorter toward the inner eye, and thicker and longer toward the outer eye.  The eyeliner should correspond with the lashes in this way.  Here are a few more examples of eyeliner that follow this formula.
differenteyelinersIt is up to the client to determine the length and thickness of the eyeliner.  While some may opt for the natural look, others prefer looking made up for any occasion.  Here is a great example of natural eyeliner.
natural permanent makeup, permanent eyelinerI just had to share this picture because it is so beautiful.  Maybe one day I will get to try something like this on someone out there!
beautiful eyeliner
Lower lid eyeliner is also an option.  I follow the same rules for lower eyeliner; thinner near the inner eye, and pulled up at the ends to connect with the upper eyelid.  However, I feel that the thinner the better on the lower lid.  This is because lower lid eyeliner cannot be applied to the water line (the area above where the lashes grow out) like makeup can be.  Doing so could cause dry eyes in the long run.
If you have any other questions about permanent eyeliner, please feel free to ask!  Thank you and I look forward to helping you achieve effortless beauty!

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