Are Permanent Make-up Pigments Safe?

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Permanent Makeup - Cosmetics

The thought of having a permanent make up and enjoy the dazzling beauty of perfectly shaped eyebrows, lash lines and lips is tempting enough for any girl to go crazy for this technique, but it is very important to consider other options and know the pros and cons of this technique.

Having a permanent makeup may give you satisfactory results the week after your procedure, but as the time passes, the iron-oxide based pigments, used in this technique will start changing color, as iron-oxide will react with oxygen in the air, and may consequently turn your beautiful black brows into blue or pinkish brows.

However, the non-organic iron oxide based pigments are approved by FDA, but still they have a negative effect on your skin. Injecting iron-oxide pigments can be really painful for you and your skin and sometime skin may perceive them as foreign particles and may react negatively…

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Celebrities With and Without Makeup

Some women are hesitant to get permanent makeup because they are afraid they will not be able to look ‘natural’ if they ever want to.  But makeup shouldn’t be thought of as an addition to your beauty.  It should be applied in a way that it enhances your features and makes you look like the best you possible!

Remember, women have been wearing makeup for centuries, and people have been getting tattooed even longer.  There is nothing ‘unnatural’ about being a woman and wanting to embrace your femininity!  Or if you’re a male, there is nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your looks.  After all, when you look good, you feel good.

I think a lot of the public underestimates the power of makeup.  Most people assume celebrities are born with great features, and this is the reason for their fame.  However, countless celebrities rely on makeup on a daily basis to keep up their appearance.

permanent makeup, catherine heigl, before and after makeup

Eyeliner and full lips make all the difference for Catherine Heigl.  Granted, the before pic does look like she was caught at a bad moment!  Either way, she is a beautiful and talented actress.

permanent makeup, cameron diaz, before and after makeup

Cameron Diaz really needs her brows!  But this is a great example of how makeup can look natural whilst enhancing your features.  And just that little touch of eyeliner makes her eyes stunning.

Take a look at these images of some of Victoria’s Secret’s top models.  And these women are arguably some of the most beautiful ladies in the world!  But even they must rely on makeup.

permanent makeup, victoria's secret models

So you see, makeup may not always be necessary to make a woman or man attractive, but there is always room for enhancement.  Why worry about having to reapply your makeup everyday when it can become a part of you?  And it can still look natural!

Just for laughs, I’d like to leave you with this last image.  For Barbie, makeup is a must!!! 🙂

barbie, permanent makeup, barbie without makeup

Permanent Makeup – Extreme Eyeliner

I am one of those women who hates to leave the house without makeup!  And not just simple makeup, I mean, ‘mah face’!  I know there are a ton of women out there who feel the same way I do.  A big part of my signature look is my eyeliner, which some may consider extreme.

permanent makeup extreme eyeliner, permanent eyeliner

I’m a sucker for the cat eye, what can I say?

Although many people have dabbled in permanent makeup, extreme eyeliner has yet to be seen.  I have definitely thought of getting my eyeliner tattooed the way I constantly apply it every single day.  Why not?!

With permanent makeup, extreme eyeliner could be done with pigments that fade after about five years–depending on skin type.  So if you’re worried about looking like your Auntie Faye once you age, that would not be an issue!  And even if it didn’t fade entirely, it could easily be covered with a tinted moisturizer.  And I’m guessing that most women who would consider extreme permanent eyeliner (like me), already apply some sort of foundation on a daily basis anyways!  If you consider the amount of time it would save you over the years, and how confident you would feel every day–to me, it’s a no-brainer.

For more about different styles of permanent eyeliner, check out my article Permanent Eyeliner Trends. If you are interested in learning more about the procedure itself, visit my Permanent Eyeliner Procedure page here.

I’m curious to know if anyone out there has gotten extreme eyeliner tattooed.  Or has anyone else seriously considered it? What are your thoughts on permanent extreme eyeliner?

Permanent Full Eyebrows

First, just to show you how important eyebrows are!


Some people have over-plucked their brows over the years and this is what they are left with.  People with alopecia may also opt for permanent eyebrows.  But even if you just want to fill in or shape your brows, you will benefit from this procedure.  Now we can even imitate hair strokes to make them look as natural as possible!  Check out this before & after:

permanent eyebrows

Eyebrows may be one of the first things you notice on a person.  They express emotion and help frame the face.  Many women resort to getting browlifts as they age, since the brows begin to droop, leaving them looking sad or tired.  If you never had a natural arch, you can easily give yourself that look with a little enhancement.


The arch is a key feminine trait, which may be why so many women strive for this look.  However, it is important to make sure your arch is in the right place with relation to your own facial features.  The width of your eyebrows is also something you should consider.  Stronger features, or long faces look best with thicker brows.

permanent eyebrows

Delicate features or rounder faces should opt for average to thin brows.

permenent eyebrows

It is best to do your permanent eyebrows as close to your natural brow color as possible.  I wouldn’t say hair color, because brow color may not always match you haircolor–especially if you dye your hair.  You want any brow hairs that you do have to blend into the tattoo, as this will make it look more natural.

I HATE brows that are just blocked in like this:


It just doesn’t look natural!  You should at least try to mimic the way natural eyebrow hairs would look.  Also, eyebrows should not be overplucked like this:


It just looks tacky, and needs to be either more filled in or shaped right.

Brows like this just need a little arch carved in to come more alive:


As you can see, eyebrows play a big role when it comes to how appealing the face looks!  This is why you need someone who understands aesthetics.  Make your facial features work for you, not against you!

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Permanent Lip Ideas

The thing that I like most about permanent lipstick is that you can use it to re-shape your lips!

You can extend it a bit to make your lips look fuller.  This can be done to either the top or bottom to even out the size of your lips and make them more aesthetically pleasing.  I like this look compared to the Resylane or Botox look because the lips aren’t “puffed-up” unnaturally.  Aging tends to fade our lip lines and color, so just by adding the color punch back into your lips, you create a natural, youthful-looking appearance.

permanent lipstick

With permanent lipstick, you can exaggerate your cupid’s bow to create sexy Jessica Rabbit-like lips.
permanent lipstickI love this look!
Lastly, with permanent lipstick, you can correct any asymmetry in the mouth area.
permanent lipstick
Some people’s lips tend to droop on one side.  Research has shown that this usually stems from poor nutrition in the womb!  Now it can be fixed without having to constantly apply cosmetics!
Just by building up her lip on the upper left side a little more, this woman could have a modelesque grin!
I will leave you with this video of Sally Hayes demonstrating a lipstick procedure:

Source: via Sherry on Pinterest

Permanent Eyeliner Trends

permanent make-up, eyeliner, permanent eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner looks great on  anyone.  After all, the eyes are the window to  the soul.  The image above illustrates how effectively applied eyeliner can take the breath away!  This would be a bit extreme to tattoo permanently, but you might decide to get a basic black foundation on the eye so you can always build onto it with thickness or longer tails.

The technique I like best for permanent application starts thin on the inner corners of the eyes then slowly gets a bit thicker.  It has a little upsweep toward the edges of the eye.  This creates an illusion of longer eyelashes.

permanent eyeliner

Here’s another nice example with a little more tail.


For a more bold look, you may choose to outline the bottom lid as well.  This really makes the eyes stand out.


Eyeliner is one of the most popular choices for application of permanent make-up.  This is because eyeliner creates such a dramatic look, but smears so easily and creates black smudges around the eye area.  This is a way to get smooth, Cleopatra-like eyes without the fuss!

Here is a video of one of the contestants for Miss Canada getting her permanent eyeliner applied:

Source: via Sherry on Pinterest

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Why Permanent Make-Up?


Usually, the first image that comes to mind when you think of facial tattoos is either that of Mike Tyson–with some kind of crazy tribal around the eye, OR some gang-affiliated tear drop or number.

Am I right?!  Well,  I am here to tell you, with new pigments and improved techniques, permanent make-up is now in a class all its own!

There are so many possibilities when it comes to permanent make-up!  For those with small eyes, just a thin line of eyeliner can make those eyes pop!  The same goes for asymmetrical or thin lips.  And if you have always wanted those face-framing Hollywood eyebrows, you can have them!  The best part is, most people won’t even be able to tell!


As an added bonus, you can feel free to wake up in the morning and just go!  Explain to your lover how much time this will save you getting ready and they will be ecstatic!  You can get up and go anywhere–spend a day at the beach, take a camping trip, go for a swim–all without having to carry around a make-up bag.  My favorite part is being able to wash my face every day and wipe it clean with a cloth–no more makeup stains!

Other applications for permanent makeup include skin pigmentation, beauty marks, and even hair for balding scalps!  I will answer many questions you may have on my FAQs page.  Thank you for taking the time to visit my site!  I look forward to bringing color and character to your face to highlight your beauty!

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