Celebrities With and Without Makeup

Some women are hesitant to get permanent makeup because they are afraid they will not be able to look ‘natural’ if they ever want to.  But makeup shouldn’t be thought of as an addition to your beauty.  It should be applied in a way that it enhances your features and makes you look like the best you possible!

Remember, women have been wearing makeup for centuries, and people have been getting tattooed even longer.  There is nothing ‘unnatural’ about being a woman and wanting to embrace your femininity!  Or if you’re a male, there is nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your looks.  After all, when you look good, you feel good.

I think a lot of the public underestimates the power of makeup.  Most people assume celebrities are born with great features, and this is the reason for their fame.  However, countless celebrities rely on makeup on a daily basis to keep up their appearance.

permanent makeup, catherine heigl, before and after makeup

Eyeliner and full lips make all the difference for Catherine Heigl.  Granted, the before pic does look like she was caught at a bad moment!  Either way, she is a beautiful and talented actress.

permanent makeup, cameron diaz, before and after makeup

Cameron Diaz really needs her brows!  But this is a great example of how makeup can look natural whilst enhancing your features.  And just that little touch of eyeliner makes her eyes stunning.

Take a look at these images of some of Victoria’s Secret’s top models.  And these women are arguably some of the most beautiful ladies in the world!  But even they must rely on makeup.

permanent makeup, victoria's secret models

So you see, makeup may not always be necessary to make a woman or man attractive, but there is always room for enhancement.  Why worry about having to reapply your makeup everyday when it can become a part of you?  And it can still look natural!

Just for laughs, I’d like to leave you with this last image.  For Barbie, makeup is a must!!! 🙂

barbie, permanent makeup, barbie without makeup


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