Permanent Lip Ideas

The thing that I like most about permanent lipstick is that you can use it to re-shape your lips!

You can extend it a bit to make your lips look fuller.  This can be done to either the top or bottom to even out the size of your lips and make them more aesthetically pleasing.  I like this look compared to the Resylane or Botox look because the lips aren’t “puffed-up” unnaturally.  Aging tends to fade our lip lines and color, so just by adding the color punch back into your lips, you create a natural, youthful-looking appearance.

permanent lipstick

With permanent lipstick, you can exaggerate your cupid’s bow to create sexy Jessica Rabbit-like lips.
permanent lipstickI love this look!
Lastly, with permanent lipstick, you can correct any asymmetry in the mouth area.
permanent lipstick
Some people’s lips tend to droop on one side.  Research has shown that this usually stems from poor nutrition in the womb!  Now it can be fixed without having to constantly apply cosmetics!
Just by building up her lip on the upper left side a little more, this woman could have a modelesque grin!
I will leave you with this video of Sally Hayes demonstrating a lipstick procedure:

Source: via Sherry on Pinterest


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