Permanent Full Eyebrows

First, just to show you how important eyebrows are!


Some people have over-plucked their brows over the years and this is what they are left with.  People with alopecia may also opt for permanent eyebrows.  But even if you just want to fill in or shape your brows, you will benefit from this procedure.  Now we can even imitate hair strokes to make them look as natural as possible!  Check out this before & after:

permanent eyebrows

Eyebrows may be one of the first things you notice on a person.  They express emotion and help frame the face.  Many women resort to getting browlifts as they age, since the brows begin to droop, leaving them looking sad or tired.  If you never had a natural arch, you can easily give yourself that look with a little enhancement.


The arch is a key feminine trait, which may be why so many women strive for this look.  However, it is important to make sure your arch is in the right place with relation to your own facial features.  The width of your eyebrows is also something you should consider.  Stronger features, or long faces look best with thicker brows.

permanent eyebrows

Delicate features or rounder faces should opt for average to thin brows.

permenent eyebrows

It is best to do your permanent eyebrows as close to your natural brow color as possible.  I wouldn’t say hair color, because brow color may not always match you haircolor–especially if you dye your hair.  You want any brow hairs that you do have to blend into the tattoo, as this will make it look more natural.

I HATE brows that are just blocked in like this:


It just doesn’t look natural!  You should at least try to mimic the way natural eyebrow hairs would look.  Also, eyebrows should not be overplucked like this:


It just looks tacky, and needs to be either more filled in or shaped right.

Brows like this just need a little arch carved in to come more alive:


As you can see, eyebrows play a big role when it comes to how appealing the face looks!  This is why you need someone who understands aesthetics.  Make your facial features work for you, not against you!

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