Permanent Eyeliner Trends

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Permanent eyeliner looks great on  anyone.  After all, the eyes are the window to  the soul.  The image above illustrates how effectively applied eyeliner can take the breath away!  This would be a bit extreme to tattoo permanently, but you might decide to get a basic black foundation on the eye so you can always build onto it with thickness or longer tails.

The technique I like best for permanent application starts thin on the inner corners of the eyes then slowly gets a bit thicker.  It has a little upsweep toward the edges of the eye.  This creates an illusion of longer eyelashes.

permanent eyeliner

Here’s another nice example with a little more tail.


For a more bold look, you may choose to outline the bottom lid as well.  This really makes the eyes stand out.


Eyeliner is one of the most popular choices for application of permanent make-up.  This is because eyeliner creates such a dramatic look, but smears so easily and creates black smudges around the eye area.  This is a way to get smooth, Cleopatra-like eyes without the fuss!

Here is a video of one of the contestants for Miss Canada getting her permanent eyeliner applied:

Source: via Sherry on Pinterest

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