Why Permanent Make-Up?


Usually, the first image that comes to mind when you think of facial tattoos is either that of Mike Tyson–with some kind of crazy tribal around the eye, OR some gang-affiliated tear drop or number.

Am I right?!  Well,  I am here to tell you, with new pigments and improved techniques, permanent make-up is now in a class all its own!

There are so many possibilities when it comes to permanent make-up!  For those with small eyes, just a thin line of eyeliner can make those eyes pop!  The same goes for asymmetrical or thin lips.  And if you have always wanted those face-framing Hollywood eyebrows, you can have them!  The best part is, most people won’t even be able to tell!


As an added bonus, you can feel free to wake up in the morning and just go!  Explain to your lover how much time this will save you getting ready and they will be ecstatic!  You can get up and go anywhere–spend a day at the beach, take a camping trip, go for a swim–all without having to carry around a make-up bag.  My favorite part is being able to wash my face every day and wipe it clean with a cloth–no more makeup stains!

Other applications for permanent makeup include skin pigmentation, beauty marks, and even hair for balding scalps!  I will answer many questions you may have on my FAQs page.  Thank you for taking the time to visit my site!  I look forward to bringing color and character to your face to highlight your beauty!

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